Advent-ure Calendar 2 DICE ONLY
  • NOTE: This is our Advent-ure Calendar 2 (Grimwood Glade), but with NO BOX included. If you only want the dice, this is a great option.


    Tales of the mysterious forest have been told for as long as you can recall. Now, you can make your way inside the thick and shadowy woods to see what secrets the Grimwoodholds!


    The Grimwood Glade is the second of our Advent-ure Calendars. The calendar includes 26 dice in total. The calendar has three 7-dice polyhedral sets plus 5 additional single dice (the Campfire d4, the Firefly d20 and 3 mystery d6s). All the dice are larger Black Oak sizes and all feature custom designs themed around a dark forest!

    Advent-ure Calendar 2 DICE ONLY

    • Dice Style


      Dice Size

      Scaled to match a 19mm d6

      Dice Materials

      Resin plastic

      Dice Color

      Die: Various

      Ink: Various