Advent-ure Calendar 3 DICE ONLY
  • NOTE: This is our Advent-ure Calendar 3 (Haunted Keep), but with NO BOX included. If you only want the dice, this is a great option.


    High upon a desolate, windswept hill sits an ancient and forlorn castle. Many have entered, but few have returned. Of those who have, their tales are filled with unimaginably creepy frights!

    The Haunted Keep is the third of our Advent-ure Calendars. The calendar includes 33 dice in total. The calendar has four 7-dice polyhedral sets plus 5 additional single dice (the Ruh Roh d20, the Thing in the Floor d6, the Magic Cat d6 and an additional mystery d20 and d6). All the dice are larger Black Oak sizes and all feature custom designs themed around a spooky mansion!

    Advent-ure Calendar 3 DICE ONLY

    • Dice Style


      Dice Size

      Scaled to match a 19mm d6

      Dice Materials

      Resin plastic

      Dice Color

      Die: Various

      Ink: Various

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