Advent-ure Calendar 6: Deathgale Galleon
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    The Deathgale Galleon is at sea!! The storm clouds have foretold the coming of this haunted galleon! The crew is said to be cursed and will forever sail the seas in search of new prey. Do you dare board the ship and discover dark mysteries inside the barnacled hull? Count down 31 days with these not-so-terrifying dice!


    The sixth installment in our series of dice countdown calendars, the Deathgale Galleon holds four 7-dice polyhedral sets plus 3 additional dice for a total of 31. Note that there are additonal dice hidden inside that were unlocked on the Kickstarter! All the dice are larger Black Oak sizes and all feature custom designs themed around a pirate ghost ship.


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    Advent-ure Calendar 6: Deathgale Galleon

    • Box Dimensions

      15.2 x 10.8 x 1.7 (in)

      Dice Style


      Dice Size

      Scaled to match a 19mm d6

      Dice Materials

      Resin plastic

      Dice Color

      Die: Various

      Ink: Various