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Advent-ure Calendar® 7 Santa's Workshop (dice only)

NOTE: This is our Advent-ure Calendar 7 (Santa's Workshop), but with NO BOX included. If you only want the dice, this is a great option.


Santa's Workshop is the dream destination of children all around the world and is certain to hold a great many magical surprises! Come inside and see what Santa has been working on with his elves! Count down to Christmas with these holiday themed dice!


Santa's Workshop is the seventh of our Advent-ure Calendars. The calendar includes 28 dice in total. There are three 7-dice polyhedral sets plus 7 additional single dice. All the dice are larger Black Oak sizes and all feature custom designs themed around a mysterious curio shop!

Advent-ure Calendar® 7 Santa's Workshop (dice only)

  • Dice Style


    Dice Size

    Scaled to match a 19mm d6

    Dice Materials

    Resin plastic

    Dice Color

    Die: Various

    Ink: Various

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