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Advent-ure Calendar® 8 Uncharted Space

Welcome to Advent-ure!


As a deep space scout, you have traveled across the far flung reaches of the galaxy. You’ve passed through wormholes and skirted the edge of a massive black hole! In the heart of deep space, you have crashed upon a mysterious planet. Grabbing your trusty blaster, you step onto an alien world! Do you have the courage to discover the secrets that lie in Uncharted Space? Count down to any special date with these cool dice!


The eighth installment in our series of dice countdown calendars, Uncharted Space holds three 7-dice polyhedral sets plus 6 additional dice for a total of 27. All the dice are larger Black Oak sizes and all feature custom designs themed around the mysteries of deep space. Note: Most of the dice (and all the full sets) inside are UV light reactive!


Domestic USA orders for this product ship USPS or UPS. Canadian orders will ship USPS International Service.

Advent-ure Calendar® 8 Uncharted Space

  • Box Dimensions

    13.2 x 8.8 x 1.7 (in)

    Dice Style


    Dice Size

    Scaled to match a 19mm d6

    Dice Materials

    Resin plastic

    Dice Color

    Die: Various

    Ink: Various

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