Black Death d20
  • Death is upon us all! The Black Death d20 comes in several color options and is larger than standard sized d20s (23mm instead of 20mm). These dice feature a deathly skull design on the 20 face.

    Black Death d20

    • Style



      23mm (larger than standard 20mm)


      Resin plastic


      Die: Various

      Ink: Various


      Black Death w/white ink

      Bloody Black Death w/red ink

      Cyanide Glittering Blue w/white ink

      Marie Antoinette Glittering Purple w/white ink

      Pink Death w/white ink

      Sparklefury Glittering Red w/white ink

      Speculo Mortem Clear w/white ink

      Swirling Doom black and gray w/white ink

      Virulent Veridian Glittering Green w/white ink