Dragon d20
  • The dragons are attacking! The Dragon d20 comes in several color options and is larger than standard sized d20s (23mm instead of 20mm). It is sized up to match our Dragon d6s which are 19mm. These dice feature a lustrous pearlescent coloring meant to look like billowing dragon breath, a cool medieval era inspired font and a unique dragon design on the max value face.

    Dragon d20

    • Style



      23mm (larger than standard 20mm)


      Resin plastic

      Pearlescent swirl

      Die: Various

      Ink: Various


      Black Dragon w/green ink

      Blue Dragon w/white ink

      Dracolich w/brown ink

      Faerie Dragon w/pink ink

      Green Dragon w/yellow ink

      Imperial Dragon w/pale gold ink

      Red Dragon w/yellow ink

      Shadow Dragon w/silver ink

      White Dragon w/blue ink