LIMITED: GenCon Pin Bazaar

Our GenCon 2021 Limited Edition Pin Bazaar pin features our popular Heraldic Dragon design on a red shield. We are offering a small number of these pins here on the website. The rest will be sold at the show, but not all our fans can go and we want to give everyone a chance to get one! We will not physicaly receive these pins until the show, so shipping will not take place until we return on Sep 21. If you want this pin, please order before quantities are gone as they will not be reproduced. The Origins pin is separate and will not be available to ship with the GenCon pin - we cannot hold some back to combine in a future order.


Our Origins 2021 pin will feature a banner design with the same Heraldic Dragon motif. It will also be available here on the site in limited quantities during the Origins Game Fair.


NOTE: These pins are higher in cost than our standard pins. The quantity ordered is far smaller than normal and we had to go through a third party. Both of these things drove up the cost.

LIMITED: GenCon Pin Bazaar

  • Style



    1.875" largest dimension


    Metal and enamel