Return to Advent-ure!

After a great deal of stress and delays, we can finally announce some very exciting news! Behold our first Advent-ure Calendar of 2022 - Witch's Brew!


Advent-ure Calendar 9: Witch's Brew is available for preorder now! Inside you will discover the following 8-dice potions: Cat's Grace, Spider's Venom, Cauldron Bubble and, of course, the Witch's Brew! Plus 2 more single dice to bring the total to 34 all new designs.


Due to production delays that created schedule uncertainty, we opted to bypass Kickstarter for this calendar. Now that we know things are good to go, we want to help get these out to our fans during the witching season! This is a very short preorder window as the calendars will begin shipping in mid October. As with all our calendars, this is a closed print run - we will never reproduce these calendars again so order yours now! Please note that these preorders will only be available to US and Canadian customers (see below if you are an international customer).

And if you like witches and swamps and potions, you will almost certainly love our witch's cuddly, feline companion Midnight! Midnight is embroidered on our full size dice bag and can easily hold all the dice (and many more) from the Witch's Brew calendar. You can find her here!


Note: We will be presenting ADV8 and ADV10 on Kickstarter as part of a very short campaign in the coming weeks, so please follow us there to ensure you don't miss out! We are reserving a quantity of ADV9 specifically for our INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS who will be able to order the Witch's Brew as part of that Kickstarter. I am very sorry that we cannot take international orders (other than Canada) as part of this preorder.

Shipping Delays

Please note our normal 24-48 hour order turnaround is currently extended to 1-2 weeks. This will be a short-lived issue and we will return to normal shipping turnaround by October 10, 2022. All orders will be processed and sent out, we will just be behind schedule for this period of time. Thank you for your patience!

Upcoming Convention

Be sure to look for us at Spa-Con in Hot Springs, AR! We will be there exhibiting September 23-25, 2022. You can find our full conventions schedule here.

Web Tinkering

We are giving our website an overhaul that will be in process for a few weeks. Please pardon our mess as we work through things.

Overseas Shipping Suspension

Due to ongoing complications related to COVID-19 and new EU/UK shipping requirements, we have suspended overseas shipments. At this time, we are shipping to the USA and Canada only.